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Welcome to Jody’s Closet!


Jody’s Closet has something for everyone! There is an array of incredible merchandise ranging from jeans to black tie evening gowns and everything in between. If you are looking for a to die for a handbag or a must have pair of shoes, to the perfect accessories you don’t need to look any further than Jody’s Closet.


Jody, owner of Jody’s Closet, is very discriminating in what she buys and what she sells.  Only authentic, top designer items are carried in her retail store online.  In fact, some of her inventory has never been worn and still has tags.  All of the items are far below the original retail prices.


Jody’s closet is looking forward to sharing her carefully curated closet with you! This is a unique consignment shop with luxury designer items. If you would like to reach out to Jody directly with any questions or special requests email welcometojodyscloset2012@gmail.com